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Why Are My Child’s Adult Teeth Coming in Yellow?

January 7, 2015

Filed under: Pediatric Dentistry Blog — drasinmaz @ 6:26 pm

“I have a loose tooth!”

It’s oddly exciting when children begin to show the first signs of a loose tooth. Parents and kids look forward to the first baby teeth falling out, because each lost tooth is a sign of healthy growth.

But sometimes, parents may notice that their child’s newly emerging adult teeth appear to have a yellow tint. It’s natural to be concerned when the color of a child’s permanent teeth aren’t the bright white you expect. Parents may be concerned that their kids aren’t brushing well enough, causing plaque build up or worse… cavities!

Make an appointment with Dr. Asinmaz

There is no need to let your questions about your child’s oral health go unanswered. Dr. Asinmaz and his staff at are excited to share important information and good oral hygiene habits with their younger patients, and their parents.

During your child’s exam, Dr. Asinmaz will deduce if the yellowing is due to poor oral hygiene, tetracycline staining, fluorosis or decay. Solutions like Dental Sealants and Bondings, may be what your child needs. But, in most cases, the new adult teeth are perfectly healthy. So why are they yellow?

Baby Teeth vs. Adult Teeth

For starters, the composition of adult teeth and baby teeth is different. All teeth, regardless of their age, have an outer shell comprised of white colored enamel and an inner portion composed of yellow tinted dentin. The ratio of white enamel to inner yellow-tinged dentin is much higher in baby teeth, leading the baby teeth to appear whiter. Also, adult teeth are larger in size, and their greater size makes them stand out, next to the tiny, whiter baby teeth.

Big Kids, Big Smiles

Once all baby teeth have been lost and adult teeth have grown in, you will notice that your child will have a bright white smile, provided they keep up regular checkups and cleanings. So, no need to panic, it is very normal for a child’s erupting adult teeth to appear more yellow than their baby counterparts!

Dentistry in Palm Beach

If you are concerned about the oral health of your little ones, and you want to give them a jumpstart to developing healthy oral hygiene habits, schedule a dental appointment with Dr. Asinmaz today. Call us at 561-640-9200 for more information, or to book an appointment today!

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