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Advanced Technology: Experience 21st Century Dentistry

In order to stay current in any field, we have to constantly integrate new technology as it develops, and of course, this applies to dentistry as well. While it might be harder for older dental offices to keep up with the ever quickening pace of progress, I am committed to constantly updating our dental office and learning how to use the latest dental technology.  We are able to provide the highest level of care in less time, which is exactly what our patients always want. To learn more about some of the high-tech technology we use every day, simply read on below.

Dentist looking at dental x-ray

Intraoral Camera

Dentist and patient looking at images of teethThis small, camera-tipped wand allows us to do two wonderful things at the same time. Firstly, it can create high-resolution images of your teeth and gums that we can instantly display on a large chairside monitor, making it easier than ever for us to catch dental problems. Secondly, it finally gives you the chance to see your mouth from your dentist’s point of view. This will literally give you a whole new perspective on your smile, and it will make it much easier for you to understand your oral health and treatment options.

Dexis Digital X-Rays

Dentist holding dental x-rayThanks to our digital x-rays, our diagnostic services are now faster and safer than ever. With it, we can create highly-detailed images of your teeth and gums below the surface almost instantly, we can show them to you on a chairside monitor, and the machine even emits up to 80-90% less radiation compared to traditional, film-based x-rays.

We know that many people (especially parents) might be concerned about the safety of x-rays used in dentistry, which is why we’ve included a lot of helpful information that you can view by clicking on the links below.

Learn More About Digital X-Rays Digital X-Rays FAQ

CT / Cone Beam Scanner

Patient receiving 3D cone beam scanThis is an amazing tool that allows us to create a fully 3D image of your teeth, jaw, and surrounding structures in a matter of minutes. With this image, I will be able to create precise surgery guides for procedures such as dental implant placement. Thanks to the accuracy of these images, I am able to perform treatments more safely, more precisely, and less invasively. They’ll help me not only guarantee a fantastic result but also ensure that you have a short and easy recovery as well.

Learn More About CT/Cone Beam Scanner

Trios Color Digital Impression System

Patient receiving digital impressionsWe use dental impressions for a number of treatments, including everything from dental crowns to porcelain veneers. In the past, we needed a patient to bite into cold dental putty in order to create the impression, which was an uncomfortable experience that caused many to gag. This is why our dental office now only uses digital impressions. The process is faster, more accurate, and it is a much more comfortable experience for our patients. Plus, because the impression is entirely digital, it can instantly be sent to a dental lab, significantly reducing the turnaround time for restorations.

Learn More About Digital Impression System

Soft Tissue Laser Dentistry

Hand holding a soft tissue laserLasers have been used in dentistry since about 1994, and in that time, they’ve grown to be extremely useful in a variety of dental procedures. With this laser, we can painlessly perform both restorative and cosmetic periodontal treatments in much less time. The concentrated beam of light is able to vaporize harmful bacteria almost instantly, and I can even use it to reshape your gum line to eliminate the appearance of a “gummy” smile.

A Message from Dr. Asinmaz

West Palm Beach Florida dentist Mihran Asinmaz D M DThese tools are significant because they help me perform dental examinations and treatments with the highest level of precision possible. Dentistry is an art, but it’s also a science of tiny details, and the above-mentioned tools allow me to ensure accuracy and quality in the treatment I provide.