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Root Canal or Dental Implant – A Cost Benefit Analysis

January 4, 2016

Filed under: Dental Implants Blog — drasinmaz @ 1:15 pm

Should I have a root canal or a dental implant?

So you have a very deep cavity (decay) that needs more than just a filling to fix. The cavity is so deep it has reached the nerve and blood supply center of the tooth (pulp) and also has reached the root surfaces. Your dentist tells you there is good news and bad news. The good news is you can save the tooth. The bad news is it is going to require a root canal, crown lengthening surgery, a core buildup and a crown to fix it. Not only are you confused by what these treatment options mean or attempt to accomplish,  but they come with a considerable amount of investment of your time and money to correct. It can get rather expensive to save a tooth when the decay has advanced to such a severe state.


Teeth in a Day

October 31, 2014

Filed under: Dental Implants Blog — drasinmaz @ 1:30 pm

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could have your bad teeth removed and replaced with dental implants and teeth the same day? With today’s advances in dental materials and technology, it is entirely possible to have unrestorable teeth removed and have an implant-retained temporary prosthesis placed all in the same appointment. This treatment option is typically referred to as “teeth in a day”. (more…)

Dental Implant Dentures Can “Lock Down” Your Denture!

October 20, 2014

Filed under: Dental Implants Blog — drasinmaz @ 7:28 am

One of the biggest complaints from denture wearers is the the fear of their denture falling out while eating and speaking. Sure, there are adhesives like Polygrip or Fixadent that you can place into the denture to help with loosening issues. But wouldn’t it be nice if you could just get rid of the “gunk” (like some patients like to refer to it as)? (more…)

Understanding the Cost of Dental Implants

August 8, 2014

Filed under: Dental Implants Blog — drasinmaz @ 12:06 pm

Dental implants are the best solutions to replace non-restorable (badly decayed) and missing teeth. It is without question one of the greatest advances in dentistry. The joy that a patient experiences after years of wearing removable dentures to finally having a full compliment of teeth is one of the more rewarding aspects of my job. This is just one example of the beauty of dental implants. I have other examples listed here for more answers regarding implant services we can provide you. (more…)