Tooth filling: before and afterWhite Fillings (Tooth-Colored Fillings) in West Palm Beach

Tooth colored white fillings are designed to match the color of your teeth. I do not use mercury-silver amalgam fillings because I feel that today’s tooth colored white fillings are excellent materials for dental restorations. For example, composite restorations (white fillings) are highly esthetic, very durable, often require less drilling, and thus help to preserve more of your own tooth structure.

The use of silver fillings is a topic that is often the subject of debate. Some patients ask me to remove old amalgam fillings because they are worried about the health effects they have seen or read in the news, or because these restorations are not esthetic. I respect a patients desire to have these fillings changed, but my personal philosophy is that if these filings are not broken, defective or decayed, then they should be left alone. If you really want them replaced with a tooth colored white filling, we can discuss the risks and benefits together and decide what is in your best interest.

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