Root Canals in West Palm Beach

Due to a combination of past bad experiences and/or urban myths, root canals have received the reputation of being an uncomfortable experience. The truth is that root canals do not hurt because the tooth is numbed during the procedure. Many times people are in pain prior to the treatment, which makes them think of how bad the situation was for them in the past. Here are some facts about root canal treatment:

  • your tooth is numb, so you do not feel pain
  • toothaches are relieved
  • the other alternative to root canal treatment is complete removal of the tooth in question
  • it allows the tooth to be saved without pain, so it can function normally again

Why do I need a root canal?

  • the presence of a deep cavity that has now irreversibly damaged the nerve of the tooth and is causing pain
  • an abscess (infection) at the root end of the tooth that may or may not be causing pain
  • a dead nerve that is causing inflammation and swelling
  • a cracked or broken tooth
  • trauma to the tooth (even if there‚Äôs not a visible crack or chip)

How long does a root canal take to complete?

Depending on the tooth, it may take one (most commonly) to two appointments to complete treatment. There are odd times where the complexity of the tooth or extent of infection requires additional appointments.

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