Reconstructive Dentistry in West Palm Beach

The term reconstructive dentistry refers to restoring a badly damaged dentition to ideal health and function. Many patient’s like to call this “a big job”. A lot of dentists do not get involved in these types of cases because it takes a significant amount of training to be able to confidently and predictably deliver them with excellence. I find these cases to be one of the reasons why I love to practice dentistry, as it can change patient’s lives.¬†Reconstructive dentistry¬†of major magnitude will involve specialists from the different disciplines in dentistry to achieve the ideal result.

It is important to note that a lot of old, patchwork dentistry that was done “one tooth at a time” can lead to unfavorable bite patterns. Reconstructive dentistry¬†can be completed to correct both functional (chewing, biting, and eating) and esthetic (smile) deficiencies, or both. It is amazing to see the transformation from an appearance and health perspective when these cases are completed.

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