Why do we need to take Dental X-Rays? Your Questions about Dental X-Ray Radiation Answered

The routine use of dental x-rays as a diagnostic tool is a benefit that should be used for conservative, healthy dental treatment. Obviously, we are conscious of our patients’ concerns about x-rays, and we only take x-rays when they are absolutely necessary.

Dental X-Rays in Perspective

Dental radiation is measured in a unit know as millirems (mrem). The following is a list that can help put dental x-rays in perspective:

1 mrem = two hours in a jet plane

7 mrem/year = from living in a brick house

700 mrem = abdominal x-ray

0.5 mrem = one “regular” dental x-ray (traditional wet film)

0.1 mrem = one digital x-ray (what we use)

So as you can see from the chart above, dental x-rays are a very low source of radiation. Also notice that digital dental x-rays reduce radiation by 70-80% further, to only about 0.1mrem! 

Therefore, in addition to limiting the number of x-rays we take, we are using the best technology possible to also minimize the dose to the lowest possible level.

If you have questions about dental x-rays, please don’t hesitate to call or email us and we will be happy to answer your questions.

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