Did you know, traditional impressions with their signature “goop” feel now have a more efficient, accurate and satisfying alternative? With digital impressions, you don’t have to salivate over a lengthy and awkward process, because it’s entirely goop-free!

Do You Regret Making A Bad Impression?

If you’ve ever had to squeeze your smile into a traditional impression mold, you probably recognized pretty quickly how uncomfortable it was to breathe, speak or swallow while you waited for the mold to form.

Let’s face it: goopy impressions just don’t feel right–they’re bulky, messy and even with so many potent flavors to choose from it can be difficult to convince yourself you’re enjoying your time. Traditional impression molds are also prone to giving way to wiggle room around the teeth, and waiting for each mold to form can be taxing to both patients and dentists alike.

Benefits of Our Digital Impression System

Digital impressions allow dentists to create a cutting edge, high accuracy replica of the hard and soft tissues of the mouth. By using optical scanning devices such as intraoral imaging, a digital scan takes just seconds, which means less time in the chair for patients, and no mess!DE2177B657AF4129BBAB1D7E3F5D06A6

  • Better-fitting restorations are possible with improved impression quality
  • No mess, which means less stress and less wait for the impression to form
  • Patients who have a sensitive gag reflex won’t require a distasteful impression
  • For patients with dental anxiety, a digital image is far less stressful than a mold
  • Dentists won’t have to retake or remake a faulty mold
  • Patients can feel better educated about their dental health when their virtual impression can be observed on-screen with a chairside review with your dentist

When it comes down to digital impressions versus traditional impressions, the reduction in guesswork and errors alone place digital dentistry as a clear alternative. And because digital impressions do not need to be physically sent to a lab, patients experience higher satisfaction when more can be done in one visit.

Will I Need A Dental Impression?

Taking a dental impression is one of the primary steps in cases of restorative dentistry, to prepare a damaged or broken tooth for a dental crown or bridge, or to monitor a patient’s dental health as part of their initial treatment planning.

Because digital impressions are more effective, accurate, and comfortable than their traditional alternative, dentists are able to provide better service in same day dentistry to provide solutions faster with no loss in quality.

Should you require a digital impression, ask Dr. Asinmaz for a tour of your dental health, as the virtual image of your teeth can be easily reviewed in detail on a chairside screen.

It’s Time To Get Digital

When he’s not in the office providing patients with cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, Invisalign or general dentistry, Dr. Mihran Asinmaz is researching new ways to create happier, healthier patients in his dental office in Palm Beach. A routine dental exam doesn’t have to be “goopy” anymore!

Are you looking for new ways to have a confident experience at the dentist? Ask Dr. Asinmaz how his team incorporates digital dentistry to heighten their standards of care when you call the office at (561) 640-9200, or stop by for a visit at 470 Columbia Dr located in Suite D-101 in West Palm Beach, FL 33409.

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