Complete Dentures and Partial Dentures in West Palm Beach

Dentures are removable artificial teeth that are fit onto a custom formed acrylic or acrylic/metal base that replace missing teeth. They can replace all missing teeth (complete denture) or some missing teeth (partial denture). Missing teeth can create many undesirable consequences for your overall health. It is very difficult, if not impossible to chew and enjoy food and allow for proper digestion when teeth are missing. By replacing missing teeth with a removable partial or complete denture you can regain the joy of eating these foods. Many denture wearers will improve their overall health and nutrition because the types of foods that are healthier tend to require more chewing. When teeth are missing, people will tend to eat foods that are less healthy because these foods typically require less chewing. The social stigmas attached to missing teeth and the loss of self-confidence it may bring are also of critical concern. Speech can also be affected with missing teeth, leading to social withdrawal to speak in public. One of the greatest benefits a full denture can provide is that we can fully customize the color and shape of the new teeth on the dentures to provide you with the smile you always wanted. It is truly a smile make-over! A well made denture can take years off a patient’s smile by providing enhanced lip and soft tissue support and reverse the “sunk-in” look that many people with missing teeth suffer from. The biggest challenge for denture wearers is the fact that it is a removable prosthetic and it can move around in the mouth. Dental implants are a great service to secure or “lock-down” the denture and prevent it from moving in the mouth. It is a major confidence booster to know that your dentures will not be loose at the most inopportune time and saving you from the embarrassment that may come along with it!
Full set of acrylic dentures


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