Why Are My Child’s Adult Teeth Coming in Yellow?

Naturally parents show concern when the color of their children’s adult teeth coming in appear to be yellow. They are concerned that their kids may not be brushing well enough and are are staining, building up plaque or worse…cavities!

Your dentist will be able to tell you if the reason behind your child’s yellow teeth are due to poor oral hygiene, tetracycline staining, fluorosis or decay. But if the tooth is healthy, why does it look so yellow?

For starters, the composition of adult teeth and baby teeth are different. All teeth have an outer shell comprised of white enamel and an inner shell called made of yellow dentin. The ratio of enamel to dentin is much higher in baby teeth, therefore it looks whiter. Also, adult teeth are much larger in size so they “stand out” more next to the tiny, white baby teeth.

Once all baby teeth have exfoliated, you will notice that your child will have a nice white, smile (provided they keep up their hygiene and visit their favorite dentist frequently!) So no need to panic, it is very normal that your child has their adult teeth erupting that appear to be more yellow than their baby counterparts.