Why Do I Need a Root Canal? Does it Hurt?

A root canal procedure is one that removes the infected and/or irritated nerve tissues from inside your tooth and seals off bacteria from re-entering the tooth. It is usually necessary to perform a root canal when tooth decay has reached the nerve of the tooth or an infection has started at the root of the tooth.

Root canals are often mistaken for being an incredibly painful procedure. The truth is, you are numbed with local anesthetic for the procedure and do not feel anything! Today’s modern dental techniques and equipment allow for root canals to be completed in shorter time and in a more effective and efficient manner than in the past.

We routinely perform root canal treatment in our West Palm Beach office. Please call (561) 640-9200 to find out more information or to schedule a consultation.

Can I Have a Broken Tooth Fixed on the Same Day?

So your watching your favorite TV show and snacking on some popcorn and…BOOM…you feel something larger than a popcorn kernel in your mouth! Much to your disappointment, it is your tooth that has fractured. This can happen to teeth when they are weakened by decay. You may or may not be in pain. What if it is a front tooth? This is a very common emergency.

There are some solutions to prevent you from walking around with a broken tooth:

1) bonding: this is the addition of tooth-colored material to build back the broken part of the tooth. It can be done in a single appointment and you will look good as new. This restoration can only work for small to moderate size fractures.

2) crown: this is more commonly referred to as a “cap”. It is a laboratory-made restoration which is cemented on top of your own tooth to make it strong and functional.

3) implant: there are times when the fracture or decay extends down onto the root surface at which point the tooth will need to be removed. The tooth can be removed and an implant can be placed the same day with a cap so that you will have a tooth in the missing space. Once the implant has healed,  a final crown is made to seat onto the implant. This procedure is more commonly referred to as an “immediate implant”.

In the event you experience a situation where your tooth breaks, you can be rest assured we have a solution that will allow you to have the tooth fixed or replaced on that same day!


Grinding and Clenching

Have you ever looked at your teeth and wondered “are my teeth actually getting smaller?” Grinding (bruxism) and clenching is highly destructive to the teeth and periodontal (gum and bone) structures that support them. This doesn’t happen overnight. It is a cummulative affect that may take years to progress to the point where you actually notice the destruction. Even then, some people don’t realize that the destruction is something preventable.

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